Locinox Locks – Electric, Mechanical and Key-operated Locks

Winrise announces the incorporation of Locinox – high-quality gate locks and gate closers to complement their line of high-quality aluminum fences and gates. Locinox line of gate and fence accessories are known throughout the world as a trendsetter as far as first class fence and gate accessories.

Strong, User Friendly, Easy to Mount and of fast installation Locinox Gate Locks and Gate Closers were developed to increase the security of your fences and to avoid vandalism.

Designed with rust proof materials, just like Winrise Aluminum Fences and Gates, Locinox Gate Locks are easy left or right changing of the self-latching bolt in most styles.

Locinox Locks are available in several colors and styles. A few to mention are: Key Operated Locks, Mechanical Gate Locks with code pad lock and Electric Gate Locks. Locks styles are also offered for both Swinging and Sliding Gates.

Think green! Think Winrise Aluminum Fences, Railings and Gates for all your architectural and fencing projects.

If you need a fence manufacturer, fence wholesaler, fence supplier or a fence factory with a warehouse full of ready to ship products – call Winrise.

Winrise is now wholesaling aluminum fences, railings and gates to Florida.

Winrise is a proud distributor of Locinox Locks

Call for more information: 754-800-4098